Web With Molly hopes you’ll enjoy and participate in these upcoming free and open events on a wide range of topics influencing today’s Web designers, developers, engineers, software developers ad infinitum amen!

Whether online, in small groups or unique retreats like that planned for 2020 at Eagle Ranch in Southwestern Arizona, Web With Molly is meant to bring life to technology while you work on bringing technology to life!

Social Media

Currently, Web With Molly is ramping up Facebook and Twitter accounts to build a community of anyone interested in the Web.

Live Online Chats

Beginning January 27th, 2020 Web With Molly will be holding live, informal chats to an agreed upon common platform. The chats are 60 minutes long and will be available live in several global time zones as well as archived for later enjoyment!

Local Meetups

Casual meetups in the Tucson area will begin in February, 2020. The first will begin as a general moderated discussion of “The State of the World Wide Web” and everyone is welcome to speak for five minutes followed by open discussion, networking and best of all: Enjoyment!

If you’ve got meetup space or a great place where there’s food for all types of eaters and drinkers, please shout out – Web With Molly promises all sponsors will be greatly revered, loved, honored and get lots of good reviews for the privilege!

Web With Molly Global Open Meetups

Want to hold a meetup based on the open and knowledge-share over profit-based approach to learning, changing, building and shaping our future Web(s) and Networks? So long as the goal is educational and socially empowering and enjoyable in nature, let us know so we can help!

All nations and languages are encouraged to join in the learning and fun.

WWM Open Web Camp at Eagle Ranch

As a primary leader during the six years of free Open Web Conference events in the Silicon Valley area the spirit of the event might have changed with the seasons of life, but the concept of an international, free and open conference event remains the heart of the Web With Molly goals.

For 2020, the goal is to have a 3 day workshop for a selected handful of folks to be hosted at my home in the gorgeous Southwestern portion of the Saguaro National Park in Arizona, near the City of Tucson and just north of the beautiful Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Visitors may choose to camp on the property with prior notice, and there are many choices for short-term rental, motel, hotel and resort properties. Tucson International Airport (TUS) is less than a 20 minute drive to the ranch retreat location.

Such events never are the result of one person, but a great many with an agreed upon goal and set of tasks. Web With Molly really needs your unique energy and experience to help spread grass-roots, volunteer-run and human-first experiences!

Please join me in making the world, and the Web, a better place.