About Web With Molly

IT ALL BEGAN in the “Aughts” (or ought nots, we sometimes wonder . . . ) when noted World Wide Web Developer Author, Speaker and Advocate Molly E. Holzschlag decided to hold a few free classes covering a wide range of contemporary design, development topics from #a11y to #xml at her home in Tucson, Arizona, USA.

As the events grew in size, it made sense to collaborate with area co-location spaces, public libraries and educational institutions including the University of Arizona. There, a very special event in the history of the World Wide Web Consortium and Molly’s life were when the W3C organized and held a CSS Working Group Meeting here in Tucson. Along with our private meetings, we held a delightfully . memorable meetup where Bert Bos, co-father of the CSS Specification and many long-time contributors including Elika Etemad (Fantasai) shared authentic passion and hard work to a unique city for international technology and global change. (Full disclosure: There was pizza).

The meetup enjoyed visits from several schools at the UofA. We were even graced by the Office of the Mayor! The standing-room audience of local folks invigorated by the energy engendered by the very people who built and continue to build the Web . . .

We – all of us – together.

A long-time believer in sharing knowledge, all events have been offered for free or a nominal placeholder fee. That spirit continues to this day. Attendees are responsible for their travel, food and lodging costs only. There are several donation options should an attendee desire to contribute, but this is not necessary.

Along with the fostering of a respectful and safe learning environment, there is one agreement all attendees with which we are asked to comply: Share your learning and experience forward and freely.

To the best Web yet!