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Death of the Open Web

When the World Wide Web was created, several core goals were intentional design features: Interoperability. Accessibility for all devices and for all humans no matter what or where. Relevant content connecting to other relevant content. Searchable. Meaningful. OPEN! But several critical stumbles along the way have slammed these goals closed. It’s time we address the real reasons why this happened.

Session Description

With Mozilla slipping into near-obscurity, and all major browser engines are Chromium-based, we are entering a monocultural era. While Chromium is historically an open-source project, its implementations are not interoperable. Add to this the flipped-on-its-head development approach to Web from the Open and declarative to the abstracted and inaccessible and oops! We just slammed the door on true open and sustainable development and software implementation practices.

In this session, Molly will reveal specifics from the W3C, browser developer companies, developer and design communities and accessibility organizations to demonstrate what slip-ups caused this problem including:

  • Death of XML
  • The Lie of HTML as a “Living Standard”
  • Javascript-First and Javascript Frameworks
  • Extensions and Plug-ins
  • The role of the W3C in the closing of its own open technology

Audience members are encouraged to bring their own ideas and thoughts to the session, as the goal is very specific: To debug our practices together and see if we can put the OPEN back in Open Web again.


  • A deep understanding of the current issues faced by the Open Web
  • Encouragement to re-establish a level of operational Open standards policies
  • Inspire the beginning of a process-based solution to restore an Open Web Stack for an accessible, interoperable and scalable World Wide Web

Speaker Bio

Molly E. Holzschlag has spent a career contributing to various aspects of the Open Web, whether at a W3C Working Group Meeting, on the stage, running an Open Web Conference, teaching seminars or leading the Web Standards Project through the most difficult time of the day.

Her work with the Project resulted in two F2F meetings with Bill Gates for resolution of IE6 compliance issues. She has written 35 books including “The Zen of CSS Design” with CSS Zen Garden creator Dave Shea and hundreds of articles, interviews as well as audio and video learning materials.

Molly is the recipient of many awards, including a Fluent Web Platform Award, .NET Award for Outstanding Contributions, and has received the honor of a U.S.Congressional Special Recognition for technology contributions to state and nation.

Greybeard O’Reilly folk will remember her as Executive Editor of Web Review when it moved from Songline studios to CMP.

Engaging, funny and relentless, Molly’s grass-roots defense of Open Web is legendary and remains a passionate place in the unfolding of our industry.

Semantic Sonora Social

Web With Molly is delighted to invite all kind folks to a ‘Technology and Society’ topical event on the 27th of February 2020.

Discussion will focus on the World Wide Web and its meaning to all humanity as individuals and societies. The event is a broad discussion about how the Web has influenced individuals, communities and society at large.

After noon, we’ll make our way to a local favorite restaurant for celebration and friendship between creative, inspired folks!

This is a free event but in order to reserve the most accessible and scenic ramada, please RSVP here or on our Facebook Page no later than February 1, 2020. Big help if you include number of visitors, a contact email address and if you require a reserved accessible parking spot or have any other needs with which Web With Molly would want to be aware.


Nature Not Computers

The opening and conversation-intensive portion of the day begins outdoors in a sheltered, accessible ramada in the Saguaro National Monument (West) outside of Tucson, Arizona, USA.

10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The morning begins with hot beverages, juices, fruits and any pastries attendees might like to bring for themselves and/or to share with the group. We will be outdoors under a Ramada in the middle of a living Saguaro Forest. The focus is we as humans-first, then as people interested in technology, media, communications and most importantly: Using Our Tools for Acts of Good.

A good starting question for folks is: How can we as the Web’s users, makers, advocates and individuals bring out the best in the Web as we adapt to contemporary demands?

And if at all possible, leave your technology turned off and your humanity turned all the way up to 11!

Disfrutamos La Comida Sonorense

After our conversations, we will meet and socialize at the consistently family-owned since 1949 historic Karichimaka Restaurant, shown in the related image in a promotional poster in the 1960s!
Karichimaka Restaurant in the 1960s
Check out the menu! Very fairly priced delicious food, a variety of dietary options and spice levels with a low-key, warm and friendly atmosphere.

It has been a local personal favorite since I was a child!

12:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

Lunch at the restaurant, socializing, enjoying and rejoicing in life and the rich culture and cuisine of the Sonoran region with like-minded friends. This is an unmoderated social time and people are encouraged to create personal, social and professional bonds!
Karichimaka Specialties
Your food and beverages are self-pay but there is no event charge whatsoever except an enriching and rewarding experience for all.

General Guidelines

Along with awareness of verbal and physical respect and appreciation of human differences Web With Molly strongly encourages the creation of all individuals and groups as safe havens.


Web With Molly is dedicated to ensuring that all event locations and resources provide real accessibility. Meaning, if a person wants to attend but needs a ride – that is acknowledged as an equally important form of access as is #A11Y #Access.

Do you need an interpreter? Information in another language or format? Please do not hesitate to ask, Web With Molly will do whatever possible to work to address all individuals who choose to participate are able to do so!

WWM seeks to be a loving and unconditional community “No Matter What” (as my dear husband often said)!

Unwanted Food

All leftover edible food you have purchased but do not want will be collected and distributed to local hungry homeless and street people in the region.

Desert Safety

The desert is thorny with extremes in sunlight. Please dress in layers, wear boots with ankle protection, use sunscreen, a hat and a good pair of sunglasses.

There are often inconsistent and extreme weather changes. Keep aware of weather reports, do not drive into any marked or flooded area.

Do not set the desert on fire. This region burns. Smoke in enclosed, legal spaces and dispose all flammable material responsibly.

Further questions and concerns about desert life? Shout out in comments so I can track them

Please Miss Molly, I Want Some More!

A warm welcome to Web With Molly, a web site once upon a few Browser War generations ago fostered by the Web’s own “Fairy Godmother” also known as Molly E. Holzschlag. This domain acted as a means of extending free or nearly-free education and meetups from as few as 5 people to as many as several thousand!

Molly evangelizing in London

Most of us are aware that even Fairy Godmothers get sick and bad things happen to all people. Still, as long as we live, purpose is the magic ingredient, not Javascript! Even if your hips and back hurt like hell, your beard is turning grey (mine is), your hair is disappearing altogether, you’re hungover or “YES to all” it is purpose which helps to guide and shape the quality of our lives.

Real life is for living and most life-learners agree that we live to learn! With the onset of 2020, it became clear to your Godmama Miss Molly here that a career-long dream did not die in the despair of industry changes – of which many of us deeply disagree. Rather, it has become a reminder that evolution demands we adapt, not the other way around.

The Web’s long dream “. . . did not die in the despair of industry changes . . . Rather, it has become a reminder that evolution demands we adapt, not the other way around.”

Holzschlag, 2020

As such, I re-present to you Web With Molly and look forward to what we can do together for each other, for the World, for the Wide and for the Web we still love.